Eastbound I-290 to Northbound I-90/94 Ramp to close June 11

The ramp for Eastbound I-290 traffic to northbound I-90/94 towards Wisconsin (East-to-North ramp) will close on Thursday, June 11

The Eastbound I-290 ramp heading north to Wisconsin (East-to-North ramp) will be closing to traffic beginning Thursday, June 11, weather permitting, for approximately four months. While closed, the bridge over I-90/94 will undergo reconstruction to add an additional lane.

Watch the video explaining the ramp closure and detour route!

Traffic desiring to go north on I-90/94 from eastbound I-290 will be detoured onto the Taylor Street exit. This exit will be moved to the far-right side of Eastbound I-290. Barrier walls will guide traffic, preventing any exiting or entering until after traffic has merged back onto the Northbound I-90/94 expressway.

After exiting off of Eastbound I-290, traffic will follow the detour onto Taylor Street bridge, make a U-turn, and enter back onto the Northbound I-90/94 expressway. The Taylor Street entrance ramp and bridge will be closed to all other traffic and will be used exclusively for detoured traffic allowing free flow movement. An additional lane will be provided along Northbound I-90/94 so detoured traffic can enter into its own dedicated lane.

View detour route

Additionally, pedestrians will still have access to the south sidewalk along the Taylor Street bridge.

This detour may significantly impact traffic and is anticipated to be in place for approximately four months. Pay attention and stay alert while driving through this area.

MAP: Eastbound I-290 exit changes

MAP: Taylor Street entrance ramps/bridge used for detour traffic only

MAP: Barrier walls will prevent any exiting/entering once on detour route